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my search for a bathroom scale

Ok, so I’m on the hunt for a bathroom scale.  Not just any bathroom scale though.  Being a designer means that I like things to be both functional and good looking. 🙂  After about an hour of searching here is what I found.  Please feel free to comment/approve/disapprove and I appreciate your feedback! I am … Continue reading

Boston & Waltham

Now that I’ve bored you to tears with the architectural history of the Otis & Gropius homes I thought I would share some of my sightseeing photos from Boston and the surrounding area.  I was in Boston for a total of 2 months and spent almost all of that time either working or exploring.  My … Continue reading

Bauhaus, Gropius and Breuer

As most students of architecture and interiors do, I gained a healthy and lasting respect for Modernist architecture and it’s beginnings.  Walter Gropius founded the Bauhaus school in Weimar Germany in 1919.  After the first world war, Germany experienced a time of artistic experimentation.  Gropius believed that simplified forms, functionality and mass production could enhance … Continue reading

Boston Mass.

Way back in 1997 I took an internship at the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities (now known as Historic New England).  Since 1910, Historic New England has preserved historic homes, operated and created museums in most of the homes they own and boasts an impressive collection of period pieces from clothing to … Continue reading

Q&A Corner – Kitchen Flooring

Q: I want to remodel my kitchen.  Are there any flooring products I should avoid using? A:  There are a couple of different theories about appropriate kitchen flooring.  A few things to keep in mind is that this floor will be more susceptible to water damage and high traffic.  Whether it be from a glass … Continue reading

Design Tip #28

Texture, texture, texture! Don’t be afraid to use different textures to liven up the look of your space.  Contrasting textures will enhance the total visual experience and give the room a sense of depth.  Engaging both your sense of touch and sight, texture can liven up the most boring space instantly. Amazing things happen when … Continue reading

Q&A Corner – Counter Tops

Q: Is granite my only option when upgrading my kitchen countertops? A:  Absolutely not!  There are many other options for your countertops that will still increase resale value and sometimes even be easier to maintain.  Quartz is a great option for families with small children.  It is a non-porous material that will not allow bacteria … Continue reading

Inspirations from Cracovia – Part II

I apologize for the delay in posting the second installment of my trip to Poland.  This section is particularly inspiring to me for several reasons.  One: I have always had a heart for the Jewish people and their history and Two: I was unexpectedly mesmerized by the Communist aesthetic (which affected Poland’s architecture and art immensely).  First off … Continue reading

Inspirations from Cracovia

Like most people, one of my favorite things to do is travel.  Beyond the obvious benefits of getting away from the mundane, and being able to relax – traveling helps recharge my “creative” batteries.  The photos you find here were taken on a trip to Poland in 2005.  These photos are all from the  Old … Continue reading

Q&A Corner – Paint

Q: I’m remodeling my home but I want to re-sell in 2-3 years.  Do I have to choose colors that will appeal to future potential buyers today? A:  This is a tricky question and we hear this all the time.  When you are selecting an overall color scheme for your remodel and plan on selling … Continue reading