Inspirations from Cracovia

Like most people, one of my favorite things to do is travel.  Beyond the obvious benefits of getting away from the mundane, and being able to relax – traveling helps recharge my “creative” batteries.  The photos you find here were taken on a trip to Poland in 2005.  These photos are all from the  Old City section of Krakow.  We also visited the Jewish Quarter, called Kazimierz, and the suburb called Nowa Huta (created by the communist regime in 1945).  Poland has a rich, mysterious and heart breaking history.  I encourage you to learn more about Krakow: here are a few sites I like:


Founded in 1834, the Hotel Pollera has had a distinct and varied past.  The hotel has been overtaken through several world wars as headquarters for the German Army, then the Russian Army.  Hotel Pollera was finally named a national monument after WWII and in 1990 was restored to it’s original condition.

The photos above highlight the main buildings located in Krakow’s Grand Square, Rynek GlownyThe layout for this square was implemented in 1257 making it one of Europes oldest squares still in use.  St. Mary’s Basilica is a mixture of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture which I think is a great mix!  The Cloth Hall is has been in use as a textile trade market for over 700 years and is now home to local artists and souvenir hawkers – a fantastic place to find a good deal on local products!

A few other fun photos from around Krakow.  More photos of highlighting the Jewish Quarter and Nowa Huta coming soon!

One Response to “Inspirations from Cracovia”
  1. Twyla Vaughan says:

    Ok, now I want to go to Poland! Also, I love the color scheme of the interior decorating picture (red walls, white, then dark wood. That looks fabulous together!)

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