Boston & Waltham

Now that I’ve bored you to tears with the architectural history of the Otis & Gropius homes I thought I would share some of my sightseeing photos from Boston and the surrounding area.  I was in Boston for a total of 2 months and spent almost all of that time either working or exploring.  My parents had friends in the area who lived in Waltham.  And as the old addage goes I had to walk up hill both ways, Waltham is just past the last tube stop on the T, so I would hop a bus to the Braintree station then take the tube all the way into downtown.  It was quite a hike but as a student was heavenly – not having to drive was fantastic (not something that easily happens here in Texas).

The photos below are of the family home where I lived.  This home was built about 225 years ago…

One thing that my friends know about me is that I am obsessed with museums.  I don’t even care which kind – science, natural history, art, even stopped at a tiny little museum in Kosciusko, Mississippi dedicated to a Polish General who assisted the US during the American Revolution.  While in Boston I visited the Museum of Science and the view walking along the Charles River was amazing!

The last photo above is a shot of Faneuil Hall.  Built in 1742 and given as a gift to the city of Boston, this location has been home to everything from the colonists protestation of “No taxation without representation” to multiple great orators of our time, including Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy.

More on Boston coming soon!


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