my search for a bathroom scale

Ok, so I’m on the hunt for a bathroom scale.  Not just any bathroom scale though.  Being a designer means that I like things to be both functional and good looking. 🙂  After about an hour of searching here is what I found.  Please feel free to comment/approve/disapprove and I appreciate your feedback!

I am currently trying to decide which will be a better long term investment – the digital or the mechanical scale.  Some of these suckers can get upwards of $100!  First up, the digital variety…

Gravita Bath Scalea

Whynter Bamboo Bathroom Scaleb Soehnle 63200 Legno Digital Bath Scalec Seca 803 digital scaled

a) Gravita Bath Scale by Viceversa International $96

b) Bamboo Bathroom Scale by Whynter $50

c) 63200 Legno Digital Bath Scale by Soehnle $70

d) 803 Personal Digital Scale by Seca $52

Now for the mechanical scales…

Terraillon Speedo Mechanical Bath Scale, Silvera b

Homedics SC-104 Easy to Read Classic Dial Scalec EKS Black and Chrome Doctors Scale.d

a) Speedo Mechanical Bath Scale (Silver) by Terraillon $15

b) Colorata 760 by Seca $130

c) Silver 5″ Dial Scale by HoMedics $20

d) Black and Chrome Dr’s Scale by EKS $53 (approx based on current exchange rates)

2 Responses to “my search for a bathroom scale”
  1. Amanda says:

    I really like the 63200 Legno Digital Bath Scale (c). That is a really nice scale. Love it!


  2. Deborah says:

    I like the one with footprints on it.

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